Another Assault Weapons Ban?

Following the re-election of Obama there has been a lot of talk of a renewal of the failed 1994-2004 Federal Assault Weapons Ban. Not that this discussion is anything new; gun owners talked about it from 2008 all the way to 2012. Yet it does seem that this topic has reached a renewed vigor within recent weeks, and if the lack of available, new AR15 lowers, uppers and 30rd mags is any indication many gun owners are seriously concerned (terrified) that the ban may come back from the dead.

Here’s my opinion why that is unlikely at best:

This isn’t 1994 – Attitudes towards guns have changed since the early 1990’s. More people are applying for their carry licenses, taking classes, buying handguns and enjoying their 2nd amendment rights. Also, the factors that influenced the original ’94 ban, such as a staggeringly high violent crime rate and the crack cocaine epidemic have since passed (for the most part). And most importantly, the items that were targeted in 1994 such as mags in excess of 10rds and AR15’s with “evil” features were relatively unpopular in the early 90’s and made easy prey for gun grabbers. Currently however these firearms are perhaps the most popular amongst shooters; nearly every shooter today owns a “wonder nine” or tricked-out AR15.

People don’t support it – Many people realized after the ’94 ban that such measures have no correlation with reduced crime. Yes, there will always be people clamoring to grab every “assault weapon” and “high capacity ammunition clip”, but they are part of a dwindling minority desperately clinging to a dying, ill guided cause. Just login to facebook: the Brady Campaign has about 30,000 likes, the NRA about 1.7 million.

There are more pressing issues – Gun control just isn’t a hot topic right now, despite the media’s attempt to make it seem so. People care much more about the failing economy and how they are going to put food on the table than what gun you take to the range.

For those who base their purchasing decisions on probabilities and likely outcomes the above is probably enough to dissuade them from endeavoring on a buying frenzy. But for those not convinced, consider this. If somehow, on some crazy off chance another ban does get enacted, it’s unlikely the drafters will make the same “mistakes” they did in 1994. The provisions may be much worse, with perhaps no grandfather clause exempting pre-ban items, or perhaps a tax requiring registration if you wish to be exempt. If only for this reason alone, it isn’t worth it to drain your bank account to stock up on PMags and lowers when those may have little relevance to a new ban. So instead of spending your money, spend a little of your time being vigilant and prepared for any gun control legislation on the horizon, as unlikely as it may be.

This article was written by By Marcus Dilloff and posted by Attorney Cohen.