Be Careful when Completing your Massachusetts LTC Application

Filling out your License to Carry Firearms Application completely, truthfully, and accurately is absolutely critical. Providing false, inaccurate, or incomplete answers can not only result in the denial of a License to Carry Firearms, but also the filing of criminal charges against you. It is absolutely imperative that you answer each question very carefully, especially those questions regarding your criminal history, if any.

When you submit your Application for a License to Carry Firearms, the licensing authority will run a series of computer checks on you and compare the results of these searches with the information which you provide. If you fail to make full and accurate disclosures, you’re making it very easy for the firearms licensing officer to deny you.

You should obtain a copy of your driver history and criminal record, if any, so that you can complete your Massachusetts LTC Application as truthfully and as fully as possible. The Mass. LTC Application leaves little room for “innocent mistakes” or “minor errors.” It contains a warning that it is signed under the penalties and pains of perjury as well as a notice that any false or incomplete answers can be used to deny you.

In my busy law practice, I have personally seen cases where LTC applicants leave out information due to a legitimate lack of memory. An innocent memory lapse such as this could result in the denial of your application. Although this denial can be appealed to the District Court, judges are generally no sympathetic in such situations.

The Massachusetts LTC licensing process places the burden on the applicant to exercise “due diligence” in completing the firearms license application and wrong answers can be used against you.

Fortunately, my office assists Massachusetts LTC applicants with the preparation of their applications, so as to maximize chances of getting approved for a License to Carry.