Carrying Firearms, Rifles, & Shotguns in Vehicles

You can only carry a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle if you have a Class A License to Carry Firearms (LTC) and it is under your direct control. A person who has a Class B LTC cannot carrying it in a motor vehicle. Instead, it must be unloaded and held in the vehicle’s locked trunk or a locked case or other secure container. A large capacity rifle or shotgun must also be unloaded and secured in the car’s locked trunk, a locked case, or a secure container. The prohibition against loaded large capacity rifles and shotguns in vehicles applies regardless of the type of license which a person has. Even Class A LTC holders cannot carry loaded large capacity rifles and shotguns in their vehicles. Weapons not carried under the owner’s direct control with a Class A LTC must be secured in a case, container or trunk to satisfy the law. A trigger lock will not satisfy the “container” requirement. However, a locked and secure car trunk will satisfy the law. In the case of a “hatchback,” a separate case is likely required. There are also open legal questions regarding glove compartments and pickup trucks with caps and covers.

Any rifle, shotgun, or handgun left in a motor vehicle, not under the owner’s direct control must be stored in a securely locked container to satisfy the safe storage requirements of G.L. c. 140 § 131L.