Colorado Massacre & the Right to Carry


The tragic killing of 12 people and the wounding of countless others at a movie theatre in Aurora, by a mass murderer, underscores the importance of the Second Amendment right to carry a firearm for self-defense. Perhaps if one of the moviegoers was armed, the murderer may have been stopped before he killed and wounded so many people.

While gun control advocates might use this tragedy to support anti-gun legislation, the truth is that it underscores the importance of the natural preexisting fundamental protections of the Second Amendment. Commentators will ask, retrospectively, what if anything could have been done to prevent the massacre. One answer to that is that the loss of life may have been minimized or prevented by the intervention a lawfully armed citizen.

Under Massachusetts law, a person who is applying for a license to carry a firearm, which some refer to as a pistol permit or concealed weapons permit, must demonstrate that he or she has a “proper purpose” or need to carry a firearm. One such reason might be for the protection of the applicant, his or her family, and the general public from mass murders and shooters such as the person who took the lives of twelve people at a movie theatre. Unfortunately, violence in society is all too commonplace and those who want to protect themselves should have a legal means to do so.