Criminal Records & Mass. Gun Licenses

In Massachusetts, your criminal record can disqualify you from employment and impact your ability to be issued a License to Carry Firearms.  Massachusetts licensing authorities are required to run background checks on Firearms License applicants, including those who are applying for licenses to carry firearms as well as firearms identification cards. These background investigations include CORI checks. CORI is an acronym for “criminal offender record information.”

Your CORI or criminal history may contain sealed records. There was always a legal question regarding the ability to break the seal on a juvenile record for firearms licensing purposes. However, the CORI Reform Law which went into effect on May 4, 2012, clearly states that law enforcement agencies can have access to sealed juvenile records.  Thus, these records can now be used by licensing authorities to disqualify applicants for firearms licenses in Massachusetts.

Prior to applying for a license to carry firearms or FID in Massachusetts, you should download and carefully review your CORI. You can obtain a copy of your criminal history by following this link.

It is very important to review your CORI prior to completing a firearms license application so that you can fully and accurately disclose the contents of your record. Contact a Massachusetts Firearms Lawyer if you have any questions regarding your record or the application process.