Drug Convictions & Licensing in Massachusetts


Drug convictions can have many hidden and unpleasant consequences. For example, any conviction of any law regulating the use, sale, or even possession of drugs or controlled substances, as defined by G.L. c. 94C § 1, will trigger a lifetime prohibition which will prevent you from purchasing a handgun or being issued a License to Carry Firearms in Massachusetts. If you have a LTC and your convicted of a drug crime, your LTC will be automatically revoked.

A Massachusetts drug conviction is also a disqualifier for a Firearms Identification Card for a period of five years after the final date of the conviction’s termination (which means the actual conviction date, suspended sentence term, release from incarceration, or discharge from probation, parole, or court-ordered supervision, whichever of these events is latest.) The FID card will allow the holder to purchase and lawfully possess rifles and shotguns, but not handguns.

If the drug conviction is for a charge was a crime of violence, as defined by G.L. c. 140 § 121 or an offense which involves trafficking of weapons or drugs, the defendant will have a mandatory and lifetime prohibition which will prevent the issuance of any firearms license and the purchasing of any firearms.

In addition to the loss or denial of firearms licenses, a drug conviction will also trigger the automatic suspension of your Massachusetts Driver’s License if you are licensed here or if you are licensed to drive by another state, a Massachusetts drug conviction will result in the suspension of your right to operate in Massachusetts for a period of at least one and up to five years. Fortunately, it may be possible to obtain a hardship driver’s, but not firearms, license.

If a drug offense is interfering with the exercise of your 2nd Amendment rights in Massachusetts, contact Attorney Jesse C. Cohen for assistance.