Firearms on College Campuses in Massachusetts

There appears to be a growing national trend towards allowing students to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights on college and university campuses. Unfortunately this trend has not yet reached Massachusetts, and there is a good chance it never will.

Unlike many states,Massachusetts has written it into law that students are essentially barred from possessing firearms on campus. This law, like many other Massachusetts gun laws, likely stems from misunderstanding and irrational fear of firearms. Specifically, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 269, Section 10J prohibits carrying firearms in school, college, or university property.

There is little evidence that someone responsible enough to carry a firearm elsewhere in the state would suddenly engage in bloodshed upon setting foot on campus. It is also hard to believe that criminals or those dedicated to harming others would be deterred by a sign or law stating “This Campus is a Gun Free Zone”. Indeed, there is much credibility to be given to the argument that college “gun free zones” create a class of disarmed victims vulnerable to criminals who be definition disregard such laws. It seems like almost weekly there are reports of female students being assaulted on campus’ inBoston, and surely no one has forgotten the Virginia Tech massacre. All too often in cases such as these the victims have been systematically disarmed by ill guided laws that pander to anti-gun sentiments.

This article was written by By Marcus Dilloff and posted by Attorney Cohen.