“Parking Lot” Firearms Law Moving Forward in TN

A “compromise” bill which would allow firearms license holders to keep guns in their vehicles parked at their employer’s premises, even though the employer bans guns in the workplace, is making headway in Tennessee. Employers are legally allowed to ban firearms and other weapons in the workplace. However, proponents of the “parking lot” legislation believe that such a ban should not apply to an employee’s privately owned automobile, even though the vehicle is parked in the employer’s parking lot.

In addition to denying gun owners the ability to defend themselves, the “parking lot” prohibition, would also prevent those who are going hunting or target shooting before or after work from doing so, without a trip home to pick up or drop off their guns.

Employers claim that allowing guns in the workplace parking lot is dangerous and it provides a “disgruntled employee” with ready access to a firearm.

If this bill passes, Tennessee will join  Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio, and Utah, as a state which prohibits employers from restricting an employee’s ability to carry a firearm to or from work.