Question 10 on Mass. LTC & FID Applications

You may be able to dramatically increase your chances of obtaining a License to Carry Firearms by hiring a lawyer to review and prepare your License to Carry Application Package. One of the reasons for this is that firearms license applicants often misunderstand Question 10 on the application and they might not provide an accurate answer.  It is critically important to provide accurate information when completing an application for a License to Carry or Firearms Identification Card.

The standard Massachusetts firearms application form must be signed under the penalties and pains of perjury. Also,  knowingly  making false statements in an application for a LTC or FID is a criminal offense which will not only result in the denial of the application, but it carries a fine of at least $500.00 up to $,1000.00 and a jail sentence of at least 6 months up to 2 years in jail.

Question 10 asks, “have you ever appeared in any court as a defendant for any criminal offense (excluding non-criminal traffic offenses)?”  You must answer “yes,” to this question even if you were found not guilty or the charges were dismissed. Also, the Massachusetts Firearms Record Bureau is legally allowed to review and consider sealed records, including sealed juvenile records, when processing a firearms license application.

It is possible to appear as a criminal defendant in Massachusetts without having been arrested. For example, if you appeared in court in response to a criminal citation or summons, you must answer yes to Question 10, even though you’ve never been arrested.

You do not need to answer “yes,” if your only offenses were civil motor vehicle infractions such as speeding. However, if you were charged with a criminal motor vehicle offense such as operating after the suspension of your license or unlicensed operation, you must answer “yes” to Question 10

If you have any question as to how to answer Question 10 on your Mass. LTC or FID application, I strongly suggest that you contact a Massachusetts Firearms Lawyer prior to submitting your application.