The Massachusetts Instant Record Check System & “Subsequent Activity”

The Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Systems (DCJIS) operates the Massachusetts Instant Record Check System, which is more commonly referred to as MIRCS. An important component of this system is the subsequent activity feature.

The subsequent activity component of MIRCS receives a nightly download of criminal court activity from courthouses across Massachusetts and it compares that information with the names and dates of birth of those who have been issued Licenses to Carry Firearms or Firearms Identification Cards. When a match between the court activity and firearms license records is found, the system alerts the licensing officer that someone who he or she licenses was involved in court activity, which may result in the suspension or revocation of the person’s firearms license on the grounds of suitability or statutory disqualification.

Under this system, if you are licensed in one community but arrested in another, the Police Chief or his designee who issued your LTC or FID will be electronically notified when you appear in court as a criminal defendant. Your appearance may result in the suspension or revocation of your firearms license. If this happens, you should contact a lawyer such as Attorney Jesse C. Cohen.